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Dedicated to Postpartum Life... which is like, forever after.

Meet the Creator

Kaaren "Styles" Terpack is a mother of two, wife, artist and social activist.  Once upon a time she was performing on stages and throwing parties in Miami, showing off and living life as a free spirit wild child.  Now she is mom to Sonia and Sofia, and priorities have changed, her body has changed, and her needs have increased.  Her personal experience with overcoming postpartum depression was the biggest motivating factor in creating Nia Fia.  Kaaren is committed to taking her experiences and creative designs and translating them into functional products for postpartum moms.

Let's be #BFF

Not every mom breastfeeds, and that is OK, but for those that do there is a huge roadblock when it comes to wardrobe.  So let's find out how to be #bff... breastfeeding friendly

Nia Fia provides tip, tricks and suggestions for mothers who nurse or pump in public, based on the belief that breastfeeding is a part of daily life.  We recommend specific designs for all body types, suggest layering techniques for all seasons, and follow the brands that do actually make clothing for postpartum life so that you don't have to.  Follow on social media and SUBSCRIBE below to receive discounts and notifications about new releases.  

Nia Fia Designs

Postpartum bodies come with demands while they change rapidly, or slowly, a lot and a little.  Nia Fia is diving into durably soft fabrics, breastfeeding access, and a wider option of styles for our customers.  Women who have postpartum bodies still want to feel good on the inside and look great on the outside.  Not all of them are into wearing shades of black and tan with the occasional floral.  Nia Fia designs every garment based off of the requests of real moms, referring to fashion trends from various decades, cultivated with the creative ideas of Kaaren Styles.  

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Someone is Listening To Your Needs

My body and I have had a complicated relationship since having kids.  So I want to look good on the outside to help me feel good on the inside, I want to feel like my sassy self, and the (Nia Fia) design concepts convey that.

Shara M. on Design Process

Our daughter truly related to every page, often exclaiming, 'hey, we do that!'  Seeing that every kid is going through the same things as her was comforting.

Chris B. on Corona Elementary

Not only do I love the design, I got many compliments, and I love the soft quality of the shirt too!  Thank you for your creativity.

Donna R. on Be Notorious V-Neck T